7-9: Lower Juniors

9-11: Upper Juniors

Hamilton Learning Maps - Home Maths

This site is a pilot area for the Hamilton Learning Maps.  The site aims to provide explanations and instructions for parents so that they can provide specific help with each maths skill.

There are two main routes through the site:

Take a test

Tests allow parents or other helpers to find out which skills a child finds hard or needs to practise.

Resources provided

  • ‘Explanations’ outline each skill in simple terms and explain how we teach it.
  • ‘Practise Together’ shared activities enable the adult to support the child’s learning in relation to particular skills.
  • ‘Child Alone’ practice sheets allow the child to rehearse these skills and enable them to become wholly confident as well as proficient. 

Using the Site

  1. Choose an age group
  2. Select an area of maths
  3. Select a skill for information

Note: Tap '?' at any stage to get more information